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Our charter of confidence

This charter of confidence constitutes a Contractual Document.

Any subscription to and/or use of the JOXX service implies acceptance of and compliance with this charter.

For your peace of mind

  • The Moderation Service and the JOXX team moderates Public Content by controlling public information contained in User profiles,
  • The JOXX team is at your disposal by email at contact@joxx.men or by using the contact form in the “contact us” tab,
  • JOXX protects your personal information,
  • JOXX offers you the possibility to manage your peace of mind by using the blocking function, masking your distance and disabling the radar function,
  • JOXX is committed to providing a loyal service without animation.


  • To moderate Public Content 24 hours a day,
  • To apply the charter of moderation of its application,
  • To delete incorrect profiles,
  • To detect false or modified geolocations by a User.
  • Help us by reporting incorrect behavior: by clicking on “Report” from a User’s profile page.

JOXX will check each of the feedback from its Users and take the necessary measures.

The protection of your private personal information

  • Your private personal data (email address, phone ID and geolocation) are strictly confidential,
  • Under no circumstances will JOXX disclose them to other members of the site,
  • You alone decide to whom you communicate them in accordance with JOXX’s terms and conditions of use.

Control of public information contained in public profiles

  • Pseudo descriptions, photos and videos, posts and comments are systematically checked by our team of moderators.
  • All public content that is vulgar or does not comply with the general conditions of use and the moderation charter will be systematically rejected.

For your peace of mind

3 functionalities are at your disposal:

  1. The “Block” function allows you to stop being contacted by a User,
  2. You can in your profile mask your distance and disable the passing radar,
  3. You can indicate in your profile that you do not wish to receive sexual pictures (NSFW).

Loyal service

  • JOXX undertakes not to create false profiles in order to increase the list of users,
  • JOXX undertakes not to use an animation service.


Be careful in your exchanges with other Users, both during your exchanges and during a meeting.

For your online safety

  • Never send money or share financial information.

Don’t send a money order or make a bank transfer to a stranger. You won’t be able to recover the money. If a User asks you for money under any pretext whatsoever, report this User to us.

  • Protects your personal information

Never communicate any personal information allowing identification, name, home or work address or any details about your lifestyle with people you do not know.

  • Remains on the JOXX application

Malicious Users can offer you very quickly exchanges on other messaging applications, on personal emails.

Our application allows you to communicate in complete security via its messaging system and offers you the possibility of exchanging by voice or video phone call without giving your phone number or any other identifier.

  • Beware of long-distance or overseas relationships

Despite our best efforts, crooks can still get away with it. They pretend to be from your country but are often located abroad. The purpose of these solicitations is to extort money from you. Be vigilant towards these Users and inform us by reporting these dubious profiles to us.

  • Reports any suspicious behaviour

Block and report to us anyone who does not comply with our terms and conditions of use. Any User who :

  • Ask for money,
  • Hooker,
  • Declares to be a minor,
  • Inappropriate or dangerous/harmful behaviour
  • Exchanges or sells illicit products,
  • As well as any spam (links to commercial sites or any attempt to sell products or services to third party websites).

You can report any problems or suspicious behavior to us through the “report” function on the profile page.

  • Protect your JOXX account with a pin code.

JOXX offers you the possibility of blocking access to the Application by means of a 4-digit pin code which will prevent a third party from connecting to our Application in the event of theft of your mobile phone for example, or if a third party close to you uses or searches your phone without your knowledge.

A few tips on dating

  • Don’t be in too much of a hurry

JOXX offers you audio and video calls without exchanging your telephone details. It is very useful to talk in person and see a person’s face before you actually meet them. You will also find it easier to arrange your meeting.

  • Always meet in a public place,
  • Notify your friends and/or family of your appointments and inform them of the place where the meeting is to take place,
  • Make sure you keep your phone charged at all times,
  • Be autonomous in your movements,
  • Know your own limits,
  • Be careful with all your personal belongings,
  • Watch out for drinks that you may be led to consume (many drugs are colourless and odourless),
  • If you feel uncomfortable, follow your intuition and leave the meeting,
  • If need be, call for help.

Health advice and consent

  • Protect and inform yourself

STDs and HIV by choosing your prevention methods condoms and/or Prep.  Practice regular testing to know your HIV status. You can get tested in the CeGIDD (Free Information, Screening and Diagnosis Centre).

Some associations recognized at the national level have an active approach to prevention. Their territorial network is now extensive. Their local prevention and advice centres organise telephone hotlines, discussion and listening groups, as well as free anonymous screening.

  • Consent

Remember that sex must be consensual. Beware of the deinhibiting effects of alcohol.

For help or advice

If you or another person has been the victim of an act of violence (threat, sexual violence etc.) call 112 immediately.

There is the PHAROS platform managed by the Ministry of the Interior, which allows for the reporting of illicit behaviour encountered on the Internet: https://www.internet-signalement.gouv.fr.