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Moderation charter for public content

This moderation charter constitutes a Contractual Document.

Any subscription to and/or use of the JOXX service implies acceptance of and compliance with this charter.

Dear JOXX user,

You are using a male community and social networking and dating application that allows you to connect with other registered Users like you on this application. We want the exchanges you can have to be as entertaining as possible.

To do so, you must treat other Users with the same respect as you expect for yourself.

At JOXX, you can freely showcase your individuality by expressing your tastes, preferences, personality, life choices, sexual orientation, by posting your photos and videos, and by exposing yourself publicly.

The other Users do the same and express their singularity as you do, treat them with kindness and refrain from any judgment against them, any discrimination based on physical appearance, ethnic origin or anything that could express intolerance.

Empathy and caring, that’s the behaviour, the attitude we hope for. This is what we hope for as a user experience so that JOXX is a friendly space for sharing and fun.


JOXX’s moderation charter applies to all Users who have downloaded the Mobile Application and/or use it and created an account.

To do so, the Public Content of your profile, your presentation video, your photos, your shares on the social network Zone-X will be moderated by our teams based in France according to the rules of good use of our moderation charter.

 Any criminally reprehensible content as well as any discrimination is prohibited according to the legislation in force.

JOXX has the right to moderate all Public Content published by a User.

JOXX may also suspend, delete, isolate or ban any User who has caused this.

No consideration, including compensation or refund, will be due to Users who have been suspended, segregated, Banned or deleted from an account or terminated. Users remain free to terminate their subscription.

Commitments and responsibility of the User

In addition to the provisions of the general terms and conditions and other contractual documents, the User is fully responsible for all Content that he publishes in the dedicated areas of the Mobile Application. The Content must comply with the legislation in force in the User’s country.

For his security, the User must carefully choose the information he publishes in his profile and on the Zone-X news feed.

The User should bear in mind that this information will be shared and distributed to all Users of the JOXX Mobile Application.

The User declares to be of legal age according to the legislation in force in his country and refrains from publishing in all publicly accessible sharing spaces:

  • Any information or commercial announcement without the express permission of the Mobile Application,
  • Any content of a defamatory nature, or which harms others because of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or social background,
  • Any offensive content, personal invective, insult, denigration, threat,
  • Any content that incites hatred, violence, suicide, terrorism, harassment or threat to another User or third party,
  • Any paedophile content,
  • Any content that impersonates another User or third party,
  • Any content that discloses confidential information, or information relating to private life, such as telephone numbers or addresses,
  • Any content disclosing deliberately false information,
  • Any content advertising a brand, a product, a service,
  • Any content that damages the brand image or reputation of JOXX and its team members.
  • Any prohibited content or mention of illegal practices,

And generally speaking:

  • use the Mobile Application for purposes contrary to national or international legislation, or to intellectual property and privacy law,
  • seek to modify or damage the Mobile Application and its functionalities in any way whatsoever, hack into the Application or access the Mobile Application’s computer services and systems, or seek to circumvent its control and subscription systems,
  • use the Mobile Application and its services for illegal purposes, or in an environment hazardous to health, or by diverting the Mobile Application from its initial functionalities.

Our moderation policy

Our moderators will have access to your public profile and will be responsible for the respect of the rules we have just mentioned.

Moderation is not simple, it is not a punishment or an individual judgement.

The purpose of moderation is to make JOXX a common space for sharing, if one of your contents is moderated in a way that doesn’t suit you, it’s not against you! Modify your content and be sure that our teams will also act with the benevolence we ask you for.

In conjunction with your commitments, and to promote our mutual understanding, here is a non-exhaustive list of everything we do not accept on JOXX.

Public Content Moderation

The conditions of moderation that we are going to detail to you concern the following Public Contents:

  • The public texts and emoticons in your profile,
  • The video presenting your profile and all its constituent elements: images, sounds, inlays,
  • Public profile pictures,
  • Publications on the Zone-X News Feed
  • Public information of the Play-X streaming channel

Detail and application of Public Content Moderation

Will be moderate:

  • Any content that is derogatory and offensive to JOXX or any other person,
  • Any content referring to paid sexual services
  • Any content of a racist, homophobic, sexist or serophobic nature,
  • Any mention of drugs, or use of drugs, which is ambiguous like rolling a cigarette is also prohibited,
  • Any offensive, obscene, blasphemous, offensive, insulting or shocking content, as well as any abbreviations thereof,
  • Any content related to a commercial product, website or application,
  • All content subject to copyright and intellectual property rules,
  • Any sensitive content of a private nature such as public disclosure of address and telephone number,
  • Any content of a political or religious nature,
  • Any zoophilic, necrophilic or pedophilic content,
  • Anything to do with guns or knives,
  • Any content with a character that could be considered a minor,
  • Any content visibly modified by the use of software or a photographic retouching application that makes the user appear too young to meet the age of majority requirement for access to the application,
  • Any content that is not yours, that represents celebrities, “candids” and any content that does not respect image rights,
  • Any content showing a commercial product, advertising a service or product, website or application,
  • Any photo or video content that consists mainly of text or in which the text occupies a major place to the detriment of the background,
  • Scenes of violence against people or animals,
  • Sports practices with blood flow,

Privacy Policy

Please note: JOXX is not a digital safe and we decline all responsibility. Public Content sites are retrieved and shared by a tool external to our Application.

Your profile photos and videos are published either in a public album or in a private album which you reserve access to those connected that you authorize.

Zone-X publications and their commentaries are Public Content.

The moderation service does not have access to your private messages. If you see abuse or what you think is abuse by another user, use the “report a user” function, which is the only way for the moderator to be alerted.

The “report” function is available on the Zone-X news feed and on the profiles of your correspondents.

You can block your correspondent’s profile and messages if you are not happy with their content. JOXX allows you to reverse your decision and unblock them.

Dear User, we have tried to be as complete as possible by giving you the details of what we do not want to see on our application.

We know from experience that ambiguities are always possible.

At any time, if you feel that a profile or a post is not suitable, you can report it to the moderation team directly on your Application.

Count on us to deal with your report in the most diligent manner in accordance with our moderation charter.

In the same way, if you think you are unjustly moderate, if you think we are too severe, send us your remarks and your complaints. We will treat them just as diligently.

Thank you for understanding.