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Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy is a Contractual Document.

Any subscription to and/or use of the JOXX service implies acceptance and compliance with this privacy policy.

Our privacy policy complies with the General Regulations on Data Protection (RGPD) that came into force on 25 May 2018. The purpose of this regulation is to establish rules relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, their collection, storage and use, and the rules relating to the free movement of such data within the European Union.

Its primary objective is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, and in particular their right to the protection of personal data.

The company Connection is responsible for processing your personal data on the JOXX Application and does everything possible to protect your privacy when you visit its Application. Our privacy policy aims to preserve the integrity and quality of our services in the greatest transparency towards our Users.

The company Connection undertakes that the personal data transmitted to it will never be transferred to third parties and other commercial relations. These data will be strictly used within the framework of the treatment necessary for the good functioning of the Application.

To access our services, you provide us with personal information that we share with other JOXX Users.

This privacy policy will detail: 

  • The type of information collected:
    • Shared Personal Data
    • Unshared data
    • Technical and commercial data
    • Cookies
  • Third parties
  • Data protection
  • Exercising your rights
  • Updating and revising our privacy policy

By becoming a JOXX User you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy and the collection of the data you provide. All Users agree to make public any personal information entered in the public part of their profile.

This service is exclusively reserved for major Users. No information about a minor will be accepted, entry to the JOXX Application will be denied if JOXX is aware of the User’s age.

Types of information collected

Any data that identifies a person is personal data.

Personal data is information that you voluntarily transmit to us and that allows us to identify you and facilitate contacts between members. This personal data is collected when you register, when you fill out the profile form, each time you modify the information and when you use the application.

Users who fill in their profile agree to its publication and consultation by other members of the JOXX Application.

Completion of the entire profile form is not required to use the application in the available countries.  The only conditions required to use the Application are: an email address, a profile password, having reached the legal majority, activating its location and providing accurate geolocation.

The User may disable the display of location data and thus not make public the distance separating him/her from other Users.

The User can deactivate the radar function and thus the display of the crossing position.

Shared personal data are descriptive data or photos of your person, which allow other Users to have basic information about you, as well as the display of your distance from other Users, and the display of the crossing position with other Users, calculated by the radar.

Sensitive personal data are data giving information on ethnicity, sex life or sexual orientation, and the crossing position calculated by the radar.

Unshared sensitive personal data allows us to identify you as a unique individual through your email and profile password, the ID and technical elements of your equipment, and to geolocate your address.

Personal information, if filled in, can be consulted each time you connect to the application.

1 Shared personal data :

  • The name or pseudonym used
  • Description of the profile
  • The physical description of the user in his profile :
    • Age,
    • Height,   
    • Weight,
    • Morphology,
    • Style,   
    • Ethnicity,
    • Research,
    • Role,
    • Current relationship,
    • Video or photos related to the profile,
    • Photos shared on the InstaJOCKXX thread,
    • Social network accounts,
    • Geolocation in the form of distance,
    • Geolocation in the form of a radar-calculated crossover position

In any case, do not disclose information that you wish to keep private and do not divulge your access identifiers to our services, which must remain confidential.

Personal information such as your ethnic origin, sexual role, sexual orientation, social network accounts, geolocation in the form of cross position will be available for consultation by other users if you have filled them in or activated them.

The profile information that you choose to provide us with can be modified at each of your sessions.

You have the option of not providing this information by not filling in the fields in your profile.

You have the possibility to deactivate the radar function so that other users do not know your crossing positions.

2 Unshared data

JOXX does not share any of the private exchanges you have with other Users.

Your email and password are personal data that we do not share but are necessary:

  • to your identification as a member of the service,
  • to the performance and use of the service,
  • to your requests to exercise your rights,
  • to your requests for assistance to our maintenance teams,
  • to your remarks concerning the services of the JOXX application,
  • to the sending of any communication relating to the services offered by JOXX and more generally to the proper functioning of the application,
  • to the respect of our legal obligations.

JOXX does not share geolocation data stored for statistical purposes or necessary for the operation of the application.

3 Technical and commercial data

The JOXX Application collects other information: technical information necessary for its proper operation, commercial data provided by the Users’ awnings concerning subscriptions and any data necessary for the execution of the contract and the Contractual Documents, the management of the User account and the fulfilment of our legal obligations:

  • Your device ID and related software and technical information, such as, among other things, its operating system that allows you to manage your User Profile,
  • Geolocation information via wifi, GPS or cellular data from your device that allows you to evaluate the distance between Users,
  • GPS status and location permissions,
  • Non-individualized browsing data collected by Firebase,
  • The alerts and alerts you report to us,
  • Your possible remarks and contacts with our maintenance services,
  • All data and exchanges with Users allowing us to meet our legal and commercial obligations.

4 Cookies

The application does not collect data via cookies.

Third parties

If you access other sites via our Application you are subject to the privacy policies of those sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or the processing of your personal data on third party sites.

Data protection and storage duration

The company Connection implements all technical and organizational measures necessary to protect the personal data it holds against any access, destruction or disclosure.

We guarantee the highest level of security for your personal data.

The access to your personal data is strictly reserved to the employees of the company Connection only within the framework of the necessary treatment for which you have given your consent.

The company Connection stores the personal data for the minimum time necessary for the proper functioning of the Application and the respect of its legal obligations. Once this period has elapsed, the personal data is not kept.

The data retention periods are as follows:

  • The data relating to active accounts are kept for as long as the account is active.
  • 1 year after the last connection for data relating to an inactive account or group
  • 5 years after the last connection for data relating to a banned account
  • 1 year for all data processed by the moderation service
  • 1 year for all data sent by email,
  • 1 year for all data published by users in the News Feed
  • 30 days for location-related data
  • 30 days for data related to profile views
  • 30 days for users logs

Any illegal intrusion into our database will result in an immediate alert and the implementation of the necessary actions.

Exercising your rights

Access, modification, opposition, portability, deletion of your data.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679, you have the right to request access to your personal data, to rectify or delete them, to limit the processing carried out, to object to the processing, to request the portability of your data.

  • Right of access: You can request a copy of all your personal information held by us; to do so, please refer to the “Settings and privacy/ Request my personal data” section in your profile.

We will send you these data by e-mail to the e-mail address you have confirmed.

  • Right to modify: to do so in your profile, please refer to the section “Settings and confidentiality/ modification or correction of data” to enter your request.
  • Objection: Withdrawing your consent to the processing of your personal data may result in the termination of our services. In your profile, use the “contact us” form to enter your request.
  • Portability: the right to portability is about controlling your data: it allows you to have and manipulate “portable” data and transmit it to other platforms. In your profile, use the “contact us” form to enter your request.
  • Deletion: You can also delete your account in the “settings and privacy / “delete my account” section of your user profile. Your account will be deleted from our databases, but some information may be kept in order to comply with our legal obligations.

Updates and Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change the terms of our privacy policy at any time. By using JOXX, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.